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A vawikhatna atan Lungleiah Chief Minister kaihhruaiin Council of Ministers meeting buatsaih

02 July 2024: Vawiinah vawikhatna atan Lunglei HPC Conference Hall ah Chief Minister Pu Lalduhoma kaihhruaiin Council of Ministers meeting buatsaih a ni. Rorelna an tan hmain Chief Minister chuan, Lunglei mipuite lakah Tha ba kan ngah hle a, kan sawrkar chuan he khawpui hi kan ngaihthah dawn lohzia tihlanna hmasa atan Council of Ministers meeting hi kan nghat a ni, a ti.

He Council of Ministers meeting ah hian heng te hi pass zingah an tel:

1. Proposal for introduction of the Mizoram Banning of Unregulated Deposits Scheme Rules, 2024 – Finance
2. The draft Mizoram Ground Water (Control & Regulation) Rules, 2024 – PHE
3. Proposal for amendment of the Mizoram Water Supplies (Control) Rules, 2023 – PHE
4. The Mizoram Wood Based Industries (Establishment & Regulation) (Amendment) Rules, 2024 – EF &
5. Proposal to review the remuneration of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Executive Corporators, Corporators, Executive Councillors and Councillors – UD & PA (DIPR)

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